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Our Founding Team from Inside and Outside Of The Classroom

Deborah's Story

Hi, I’m Deborah,

I’m president and cofounder of ULURU! I am also the mother of two brilliant children who used to struggle in school.

Post pandemic, I found myself in a place where my children were not succeeding at school. I didn’t understand exactly why they were struggling or what their challenges were. There was a huge lack of transparency in getting information about how they were learning and progressing. Oftentimes one of my kids would receive a grade but we wouldn’t understand how the teachers came to that grade. It’s very difficult as a parent to have your child’s back when you don’t understand exactly where their problem is.
I saw the anxiety in them, and I wasn’t equipped to address it. 
I didn’t have the language to talk about what was going on.
Other parents were coming to me and talking about the lack of transparency and how frustrating and demoralizing it was for their children. I did some further digging about individual tutoring for ADHD and someone suggested that an executive functioning coach would be helpful.
When Deveren first started working with my sone, he was in a place of high anxiety; he was avoiding school; he was frustrated and uncomfortable in class and didn’t want to participate.
He often felt like he was the “dumbest kid” in the room.
Deveren began working with him to help communicate with the teachers more effectively. He helped break down the assignments, 
so he wasn’t so overwhelmed. This is what executive functioning is about, learning how to manage your anxieties and advocate for what you need.
My son transformed from a young man with a lot of insecurities around education into someone who is very confident in his ability to learn.
We built ULURU because there weren’t enough Deverens to go around! He was stretched to capacity as an executive function coach, and felt limited in his ability to help more families simply because of his own lack of time.
We began talking about a platform that would allow for his method to be delivered to more people that needed it. An app for executive functioning skills that offered real-time coaching that could be available 24 hours a day.
ULURU uses technology for good and is the result of real-life successes, and heartfelt experiences. Backed by years of educational expertise in how developing executive functioning skills truly is a solution that improves academic outcomes for all learners!

Our Team

Baby Deborah

Deborah van Eck

Co-founder & President

Former Wall Street executive, board member, and educational advocate, who is also passionate about film and philanthropy.

Baby Deveren

Deveren S Fogle

Co-founder & CEO

Experienced educator, former attorney, and tech entrepreneur with a history of successful app development.

Baby Owen

Owen Lewis, MD

Advisory Chair

A child and adolescent psychiatrist, currently Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University-Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons. Former Director Children’s Mental Health Alliance.

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