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ADHD can affect both children and adults in how they deal with



and Motivation

But the fact is, the term “ADHD” doesn’t really describe the reality of what is really happening with most students…

And as parents of ADHD students, who are struggling with

Maintaining Motivation

Managing Poor Grades

or Help With Homework

Sometimes it feels like you are failing them…

I went to a few strategy sessions to learn how to help him but I am all over the place with how I process things myself! I am trying to streamline this so I can help him, but I was getting no help through the school at all.

My oldest got kicked out of Pre-K when she was 4! I took her to therapists, doctors, all of it… and she didn't have a problem. I was the one with the problem. A lot of times we put more pressure on ourselves as parents and we don't know we are comparing them to the next kid.

Homework is a massive issue for us. It is ruining our family life.

Doing homework

But whatever diagnosis or term we use, the solution is in learning how to self-regulate during academic tasks.

Uluru offers online tutoring for ADHD students and those with learning challenges that can help with executive functioning skills! 

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